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To The Extreme!

Gaming Dedication
We live, eat, & breathe arcades!

  • Enjoy retro glory, every day.
  • The ultimate experience for your home.
  • Create new and unforgettable memories.

Focus on Quality
Beautiful & built to last a lifetime.

  • Top-tier internal hardware.
  • Free software updates for life.
  • We build your arcade completely in-house.

Work directly with us.

  • You pick the cabinet design and options.
  • Change as much or as little as you want.
  • Create a new design, or stick with a classic.

The Ultimate Arcade Experience

Fully loaded arcade cabinets handcrafted to your specifications.

EHA Philosophy

Bringing passion for gaming, attention for detail and exceptional customer service to every build


From the first cut of wood to the last wired LED button, our cabinets are built entirely in our shop with high-quality materials by experienced builders. With over a dozen years in the industry, we live at the cutting-edge of arcade design.

Pricing & Features


Our cabinets would be incomplete without our customized MAME interface. We spent thousands of hours building the most complete MAME setup found anywhere. Our arcades support over 70,000 games across hundreds of platforms.

Game List


We get it, we're nerds. Our systems are powered by Intel Core i5 CPUs RTX 2060 graphics cards and 16GB of RAM. Enjoy descrete graphics and our 34TB Omega Drive System Upgrade! You will always experience silky-smooth gameplay and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our Arcades

"I am honestly blown away by the machine... amazing."


"Having this a dream come true, thank you for letting us live our childhood again."


"Thanks for everything you guys do and the phenomenal customer service!"



Mind = Blown

Extreme Home Arcades come in any shape or style you can imagine. While you enjoy full control of all aspects of your arcade's design, most of our customers prefer to start with a tried and tested design as their base.

Start with one of our common designs, or work with our team to create a completely new arcade. We leave the choice to you! Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Classic Stealth MegaCade Pedestal Game Box Table Top Cocktail

Who We Are

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