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EHA has changed the game for home arcades

Extreme Home Arcades is revolutionizing at-home arcade gaming with hardware and software that delivers a truly accessible all-in-one system. Our all-encompassing combination of hand-built cabinets, high-quality hardware and custom software has provided thousands of our customers years of fun and entertainment.

Our arcades are proudly built by hand in the USA.

Extreme Home Arcades is located in the small Central Wisconsin town of Knowlton. All of our arcades are handcrafted in our 2500 square ft. shop. From the first cut of wood, to the last button wire, we build everything right here guaranteeing an incredible custom build each and every time.

Do you just have some quick questions, or is it time to make that dream come true? Give us a call! From 9am to 10pm(cst) 715-212-8063

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David Lewis - Owner and fearless leader
Our shop nestled in the woods of Wisconsin.
Ahhh! Watch out!
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